Citizen Development Centre

CIOSA has helped us right from the beginning to start our Computer Centre. It was Mr. Karthik Venkatesh from CIOSA who gave this innovative idea and helped us in setting up this computer training centre, which has now developed in to a training centre with 16 computers and educating 120 persons per year and also helped us in providing the certificates for our trainees. We provided the certificates in collaboration with CIOSA, which was of great use.

Through the Young Professional scheme, CIOSA has supported us in hiring a MCA graduate in order to look after our training programme and also  for our Web Designing classes to the trainees, which has received excellent response.

 We have also come to know about many NGOs in and around the city and CIOSA has been a good source for Networking among NGO's. Other than this, many programmes and meetings related to projects, Capacity Building Workshops and trainings, Advocacy, etc. has helped us to learn many things.