- Bro. Siga Animation Centre

We appreciate and thank CIOSA for its services offered to partner NGOs and in particular our organization has benefited from the various programme & projects run by CIOSA.

Our organisation's Supplementary Education programme has been supported by Mr. Srivatsram, (JMD Wheels India) through CIOSA for the last several years. The DISHA Scholarship scheme has benefited 32 children of that project. Through EKAM-Oneness, a health project of CIOSA, children of Corporation  Schools in Vyasarpadi have been benefited.

In the area of Capacity Building Workshop & Training,  a workshop on Financial Management & Accountability by Auditor Kandaswamy, Web Block application for NGO by Kilakku Pathipagam and various training programmes on child care were very useful to us. In the area of Research & Publication, a CIOSA status report on out-of-School Education published details and data from our organization under the area of Supplementary Education.

- Citizen Development Centre

CIOSA has helped us right from the beginning to start our Computer Centre. It was Mr. Karthik Venkatesh from CIOSA who gave this innovative idea and helped us in setting up this computer training centre, which has now developed in to a training centre with 16 computers and educating 120 persons per year and also helped us in providing the certificates for our trainees. We provided the certificates in collaboration with CIOSA, which was of great use.

Through the Young Professional scheme, CIOSA has supported us in hiring a MCA graduate in order to look after our training programme and also  for our Web Designing classes to the trainees, which has received excellent response.

 We have also come to know about many NGOs in and around the city and CIOSA has been a good source for Networking among NGO's. Other than this, many programmes and meetings related to projects, Capacity Building Workshops and trainings, Advocacy, etc. has helped us to learn many things.

- Marialaya

It is indeed very nice to speak aloud about the good work that CIOSA has done for us.

Through the effective linkage with a corporate, we got help for about 300 children including the adolescent girls who are benefited through supplementary and vocational education. Apart from that, through the Ekam Health programme we received medical support. Also, care takers received training in health care, which was very helpful in taking care of our children. Through the exposure programme we were given opportunity to learn from the experience of others to better our services. Thus we also have got to know many organisations who are with us in our efforts.

- Aruwe

CIOSA’s service to our organization is commendable and productive in all our endeavors. They have been a source of great support and shared our vision through their untiring service to the poor and needy. Our association has been able to serve many economically downtrodden school-going children by providing supplementary education and dinner and also sponsoring educational assistance for a few students.

We are obliged and grateful to be associated with CIOSA in bringing about a radical progress among the deprived and the depressed. We express our heartfelt gratitude to CIOSA for functioning with us and facilitating our necessities. We wish and hope that our teamwork in achieving this noble cause will continue for all time to come. ARUWE – CIOSA association means a lot to us.

- Iniya Udayam Charitable Trust

CIOSA has shown some ways and means to succeed in our projects. Through networking, we got to know other NGOs and their activities and took steps to improve on our activities. CIOSA's website & Dgroups helps everyone to understand current events & activities of other organisations and makes communication easy to all. 

With the support of CIOSA, we received one time grant from Chennai Sangamam and also getting continuous financial support for our Supplementary education projects. Some of our underpriledged children are getting free medical check up  through Ekam project. We have in many ways  built our knowledge and capacity through trainings conducted by CIOSA.

CIOSA is a good platform for all NGOs.

- Thiyagam

Thiyagam is proud to be a member of Ciosa network. 

As a member of CIOSA, we became aware of the views of many NGOs working in different field of services and interacted with them on their work. We  had the opportunity to be a part of Seva Mela where our work was introduced to so many people. We  also received a grant in aid for our work. We receive a lot of encouragement from CIOSA and feel CIOSA would go to any extent to support genuine NGOs and give them all possible support.

- TamilNadu Handicapped Federation Charitable Trust

We have received support through a number of ways through CIOSA like the one time grant through Chennai Sanagamam event, Young professional assistance programme and support on  World Disability Day on 2nd December 2007 by the State Pressure Group.

We found the different meetings on Low cost health care, Domestic Violence, marketing strategies for SHG very useful. CIOSA also helped us in conducting disabled women convention. Seva Mela provided us with a platform to meet many like minded NGOs. The  Membership Directory has been very helpful in knowing about other NGOs and their work. CIOSA has networked among members and others for job opportunities for the disabled people. The Dgroup of CIOSA is an effective communication medium that binds all members together through which we are aware of the happenings in and around the network.

- Karthikeyan

I deem it a pride to be part of the CIOSA d-groups. As I work for ILO, I receive a lot of mails on events happening at the National level and International level, schemes announced by the Government and other funding agencies, news on the labour force etc. As a member of this network, I enjoy sharing all the information I have with the NGO fraternity of CIOSA. On an average I send at least 20  mails in a month. I am also honoured by the response I get.