Share & Collaborate

CIOSA's foremost objective is to build a strong NGO network that will serve as the foundation for a collaborative platform and assist the NGOs and other members in networking with one another, exchanging information, sharing knowledge, supporting each other in times of need and collaborating on common causes.

CIOSA assists NGOs, companies and individuals to meet one another and interact, develop and forge mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships aimed at positive social action. Some of the specific initiatives that help CIOSA members share share and collaborate are:

  • Dgroups
  • Monthly meetings
  • Communities of Practice (COP)
  • The Tamilnadu Development Dialogue (TDD)


Dgroups was set up in 2002 as an online platform offering tools and services that bring individuals and organisations together in the development community. Through, over 2000 groups have formed active communities.

CIOSA members are able to share information, collaborate and engage in dialogue and networking. The Dgroups discussion list serves an online workspace where CIOSA members are able to ask questions, discuss issues, share experiences, make announcements, post documents and interact online with fellow members.

Communities of Practice

CIOSA has also created six Communities of Practice (CoP), each dedicated to one social cause. The six causes are:

  • Childcare
  • Community Organisation
  • Disability
  • Geriatrics
  • Healthcare
  • Women Empowerment

Members of each community work to create a common understanding and take collective action.

The Tamilnadu Development Dialogue

The Tamilnadu Development Dialogue is a unique initiative to foster better understanding, cooperation and working relationship among various stakeholders in the non-profit sector. Resource people are called from various donor agencies, resource organizations, corporates, technical agencies, support service organizations, government departments, etc which are actively working towards social change.