Charu Home for Aged by Jesus the Way Trust

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Charu Home for Aged by Jesus the Way Trust
Basic Information

JESUS THE WAY TRUST was established during 2007-08 with an aim to follow the footprints of Jesus Christ in providing solace to the poor, old age, mentally ill, orphans, and other socially deprived and also to provide education to the poor and the needy at reasonable cost. The trust does not indulge in missionary activities. The founder Trustee Dr. Jannet Selvakani, a pragmatic sociologist, is from a reputed family, where charity is the core value for generations. Her own sister, who become mentally ill all of a sudden and God’s touch has changed her life, committing herself to serve the needy rather than monetary beneficial activities.


Care for Elders
The trust has more concern about the elders and mentally ill. With the motive to help the elders to have a peaceful place to stay on, the trust is running old age home by name. "Charu's home for elders" at T. Nagar. The administrative office is located at Charu Illam, No.10, Abdul Azeez Street, T. Nagar, Chennai 600 017. The trust has the responsibility of providing all facilities along with their basic amenities to all who are staying here throughout. The trust needs continuing support from the charitable minds to continue the home for the aged. Any doctors who are willing to give continuous checking to the elders are welcome. The following are the requirements for the oldage home: 

  • The existing building is too small for the continuous admission of the elder people. The trust is now looking for some bigger site to accommodate the increasing number of elders. 

  • Materials like Cots, mattresses, plates, tumblers, fans, chairs, tables, food items etc are welcome. 

  • More facilities including Ambulance, auto rickshaws, wheel chairs and any other are welcome. 

  • Any service minded individuals who wants to spend their time with the elders and listen to their conversation are also welcome.
Registered Office:
No. 10, Abdul Azeez Street,

T. Nagar, Chennai - 600017.

Tamil Nadu

South India

Ph: +91 -44 -24352669 / 24321131

Cell: + 91-9789009242


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