Wish Tree

i everyone, I am delighted to share that we are getting enquiries from a

few corporates and other organisations on their interest in putting up Wish

Trees. I have shared the details of this earlier.

One of these companies is Euro Kids who are considering putting up the Wish

Tree in several locations. Pls note/respond with the following.

1. If you are interested in availing of this opportunity- you must make

the Wish Tree yourself.Please see the link



more details

2. Create wishes in the form of material requirements of beneficiaries -

the value of these should be in the range of Rs 100- Rs 500 only.

3. The donations will be in the form of materials and NOT cash

4. You must ensure that you have one person from your NGO available on

the location of the wish tree to be able to collect the materials donated

through the wishes.

5. If you need help to create the wishes please write to


6. Please note that there is NO guarantee that all the wishes will be

picked up.

7. Our endeavour is to provide you with the platform and create an

opportunity for both you and the donors to reach out to you.

8. Wishes must be submitted in soft copy by 8th Sept latest.

9. If you are interested and want more help/clarification please mail


10. This is a GREAT opportunity to get the word out about your work -

leverage it.



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