Facilitating CSR


Corporates are an integral part of the CIOSA network. CIOSA strives to engage corporate members on a continuing basis, partnering them to develop a well-defined policy of social involvement and formulate, implement,  and evolve appropriate initiatives to play an effective role as a corporate citizen. Specifically, CIOSA partners corporates in the following areas:

  • Developing CSR initiatives
  • Supporting credible NGOs
  • Promoting Employee Giving
  • Fostering Employee Volunteerism

Developing CSR initiatives

  • Develop CSR strategies services related to development and introduction of CSR procedures and mechanisms; drafting social reports, implementation and evaluation of CSR programs.
  • Implementing CSR projects.
  • Managing and evaluating requests and proposals
  • Training and development of CSR
  • Communicating CSR activities

CIOSA initiated the CIOSA Business Alliance to help NGOs and Corporates built long term partnerships. Since 2005, projects worth Rs. 54 lakhs have been supported through the CIOSA Business Alliance. CIOSA also provides pro bono consultancy to companies interested in initiating CSR activities. CIOSA identifies areas of interest for corporates and invites proposals from the members. CIOSA and the company then shortlist and decide on the monitoring and evaluation of the project.

Through this alliance, Mr. Srivats Ram, MD of Wheels India; Balmer Lawrie and Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) have extended continued support to a number of member NGOs of CIOSA.