Your small gift makes more smiles in Sakya Hostels Children’s life.

Dear Friends In CIOSA,


Greetings from Sakya Hostels Children!!!!

We welcome any help in the mode of contributions or voluntary work to support Sakya Hostels Children.


Visuddhaloka is the organization running the Sakya Hostels (boys & girls) in Manali New Town, Chennai, since 2005. At present 21 boys and 28 girls are supported by this organization. Children go to School at nearby Government schools; in the past some of our children after graduation have joined engineering colleges and technical institutes.

The Sakya hostels were well supported in the beginning, since, as often seen in disaster situation of TSUNAMI, many organizations came forward to provide humanitarian relief. But most of this relief was short term and lacked long term rehabilitation supports. The main remaining supporter of Sakya Hostels is also about to withdraw support. Their policy is to help start such ventures and to support them for a few years, but they then expect them to find other, local, means of sustaining themselves. Today we face a most critical situation. 

Without external support it is a great burden for our organizations to continue to run the hostels. So, can you help the children in our Hostels? Or, do you know of someone else you can introduce Sakya Hostels to, for partial support?

The cost per child for one month is Rs. 1650/-. This supplies their needs for food, clothing, study materials, stationeries, medicine and other essential requirements. With your help we can give great help to the bright future of these children.


Thanking you,

With regards,

S. Jayasridhar.