Vision and Mission


To emerge as a respected voice for the NGO sector in India, a highly trusted and credible NGO network and a highly sought after collaborative community of NGOs, companies and individuals for positive social action to bring about social change.


To build, facilitate and maintain an off-line and online collaborative platform for social action that brings together NGOs, companies and individuals for mutual learning, sharing, support and the collective espousal of social causes.

Aims and Objectives


  • Enlist credible NGOs across many sectors as CIOSA members and build a strong NGO network that will serve as the foundation for a collaborative platform
  • Assist NGOs in networking with one another, exchanging information, sharing knowledge, supporting each other in times of need and collaborating on common causes
  • Build the capacities of NGOs in the administrative, financial, technical, programme and public interface areas of their work to help them deliver better results in all their initiatives
  • Facilitate NGOs in undertaking and conducting campaigns and advocacy initiatives on issues of social interest
  • Identify and nurture innovative solutions that address complex social problems and have the potential for replication nationwide
  • Enlist as members, companies with either a well-defined policy of social involvement or sufficient interest and motivation to develop one
  • Enlist socially concerned individuals as members and build a strong volunteer force
  • Assist NGOs, companies and individuals in meeting one another and interacting, developing and forging mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships aimed at positive social action
  • Undertake research and publications to further any or all of the above objectives and to positively impact the development sector as a whole.
  • Provide consulting and services to any of the constituent members of the CIOSA network